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Any behaviour that makes someone else feel controlled and fearful is never OK. Everyone in a family should feel safe and nurtured.  It’s hard for many of us to make sense of what is OK and what isn’t.
A healthy relationship is supportive, trusting and warm. But in some relationships one person uses power and fear to control the other. These relationships are emotionally abusive and can become extremely unsafe.
People in violent relationships feel frightened.  They feel as though they cannot be themselves because their actions, thoughts and choices are determined by the person who is controlling them
No one should be frightened or scared by someone in their family !

It is ok to ask for help. Just click here
For information on services try the National Directory or call Family Violence Information Line 0800 456 450 available 7 days a week, from 9am to 11pm.
Below are some useful links to other related websites:
Women’s Refuge:   is a good source of information on domestic violence.
Relationship Services:  Help for individuals and couples
New Zealand Police:  Information on how to get a protection order
Shine:  Provides help for victims and perpetrators

Violence Intervention Progrramme (VIP) promoted by Ministry of Health

The VIP supports health sector family violence programmes throughout New Zealand. This section contains family violence related guidelines and reports, a wide range of resources for health professionals to support the implementation of the VIP programme, questions and answers and related links. There is also an extensive guide to the development of a VIP programme including information on training and evaluation reports.


Parents are the most importance teachers for their children’s lives as parenting significantly influences on children’s social, emotional and intellectual well-being. However there is difficulty in parenting in a migrant country between parents who have their traditional values and children who have grown up in New Zealand and been more familiar to westernized culture.
The service providers listed below would help you to understand how to cope with these new issues and learn more about positive parenting skills.
Family and Community Services
Family Services Directory
Barnardos & Parent helpline
Footsteps Education Ltd
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Parent Aids-Central West Auckland Ltd- (09) 815 0330
Barnardos Parent Line- 09) 625 0550, (0800) 472 7368
Family Works Northern
Home and Family Counseling