HBHF Programmes

The Community Learning Programme is offered online via webinars, via workshops or a combination of both. The programme is tailored to meet the specific requirements of pregnant women and mums with children who are under the age of 4 years.

The programme includes:

  • Engaging, interactive and informative workshops (online webinars and/or face to face workshops) based on learning to eat right and being active for the first 1000 days and beyond
  • Shopping tips and cooking demonstrations on the choosing and preparing healthy meals for you and your toddler, thereby making meal times enjoyable
  • TextMATCH, a text messaging service for pregnant mums and families of children under the age of 2 years.

Module 1:

Why being healthy is so important
Learn with others on why a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby/ toddler is so important for the growth and development of a child. Find out why many parents have been making small changes and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Module 2:

How to plan healthy meals
Discover how easy it is to plan a week of healthy meals for you and your family. Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and where to get support. Understand the basics of making choices about a baby’s first food items, the appropriate amount of sugar, salts and fats in a baby’s dietary requirements.

Module 3:

How to choose healthy food
Learn practical skills such as reading food labels, interpreting the nutrition information printed on the panel, comparing health star ratings and understanding ingredient lists.

Module 4:

How to buy healthy food
Buying healthy food is affordable if you understand how to. Together we will help you explore the latest shopping tips that make healthy food choices possible. If you need help getting the right food on the table, we may be able to assist you through a food shopping experience

Module 5:

How to keep active
Learn how to keep active during pregnancy and how parents can support their babies and toddlers to increase their movements. Discover how to stay safe while exercising and which community services are free to use through Sport Auckland and Harbour Sport.

Module 6:

How to prepare healthy meals
Learn skills on how to prepare a week of healthy meals and how to keep food safe. Our workshops will help you develop skills to create healthy versions of traditional and popular meals.