Event Date: March 10, 2016

On the 10th Of March, TANI held a peer support group for the Chines community around Auckland. The attendees consists mainly of the elderly Chinese population, same of which have attended the previous seminar on Dementia and some which have not. The peer support group consisted of 12 participants, where the key goal was for those who understood the concept of Dementia to teach and inform those who were not able to attend the conference.

Throughout the session, the participants were able to raise questions to one another about the concerns they have, whereby other members of the peer support group would draw from their own personal experience and knowledge to answer their question. Member of the TANI team were on stand-by to facilitate the peer support, and provide information on areas where necessary. The topics covered throughout the session were ” What Dementia is, How does one prevent Dementia, and How does one promote good health”.

Overall, the peer support group demonstrated a lot of potential in bringing the Chinese community closer, as well as providing them with essential information on health prevention and health promotion.