The Science

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in a child's development. The impact of nutrition on a child starts in the earliest stages in the mother’s womb and continues throughout early childhood and beyond.

Poor nutrition in the early stages of development can set the stage later on for obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases, which can lead to a lifetime of health problems.

Understanding the first 1000 days and beyond!
The first 1,000 days is a unique window of opportunity to support your child's brain development and growth

. How can we make the first 1000 days count?
The initial 270 days:
During pregnancy : Provide a
good beginning for the journey from the womb to birth. The programme provides information on nutrition, helps better understand pregnancy related issues and the need to maintain a healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

The next 180 days: Infancy 0 to 6 months: Provide the best possible start to the newborn with exclusive nourishment from mother’s milk (or formula if breast milk is unavailable). The programme provides information on the importance of breast feeding, safe practices and helps link programme participants with service providers

The following 550 days: Toddler 7 to 23 months: Healthy eating habits start early. Start solid food when your baby is ready which would be around 6 months The programme provides information and cooking tips to plan family mealtimes which would create learning and development expereinces for your toddler.

The period when a toddler grows beyond 2 years is important as well’ in the continuation of the growth and development journey of the child