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The Healthy Babies Healthy Futures Community Learning programme helps develop practical skills for new mums and parents to use every day.

The programme’s 6 modules help you as a participant to improve your confidence and understanding of the factors that will help you have a healthy pregnancy, raise a healthy baby or toddler. The programme will also provide you an opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer learning by sharing and being connected with other participants who are on a similar journey.

Select options for a community learning programme that best suits your needs.

The options available are:

  • Attend SIX live webinars (30 to 45 minutes sessions)

  • Attend FOUR Face to face workshops over weekdays or weekends at a venue (2 hours each workshop)

  • Graduate from the programme after 5 to 6 weeks provided you have completed all six modules and the review form to assess the outcomes of positive behaviour change subsequent to the programme.

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The parenting course includes
  • Why being healthy is so important

  • How to plan healthy Meals

  • How to choose healthy Food

  • How to buy healthy Food

  • How to prepare healthy Meals

  • How to Keep Active

  • HBHF text services
  • Community partnership grant

  • This valuable programme is offered to you is absolutely FREE!

While our program is offered free of cost, we do need some information for reporting and evaluation to help keep this programme funded.

Talk to us if you need support with child minding or transport too.

Enjoy the wonderful experience of completing the programme and GRADUATING!

Besides learning useful skills, making new friends and enjoying delicious, healthy food, every participant who completes the 6 courses of one of our programmes, graduates with a certificate and small gift!