Event Date: September 3, 2020

Healthcare – what do you do during ALERT LEVEL 2? (as at 31 August 2020)

1. Feeling well?

  • You can leave home, but you must follow public health measures and consider others around you
  •  Follow the Alert level 2 directions in place for the Auckland region,

2. Feeling unwell? Do you need testing or care?

  •   If you are in Auckland and have any cold or flu-like symptoms, you should get a COVID-19 test. The symptoms of COVID-19 can include:
                 New or worsening cough
                √ Fever
                √ Sore throat
                √ Temporary loss of smell
               √ Runny nose.
  • If you have any of these symptoms?
    1. Call Your family doctor (GP) first -call ahead to find out if you need a test and follow their advice
    2. Go to a Designated GP
    3. Go to an Urgent Care Clinic, or
    4. Final option go to a COVID-19 Testing Centre (CTC)
    See list:
  • Call Healthline, 0800 358 5453 for health advice (choose Option#1 for language support, stay on the line, then say the language you want e.g ‘Korean’.
  •  If you need to access other care, call your health service first:
     GPs/Urgent Care Clinics are open
    o Call them first if you are sick or have any health concerns
     Planned care in hospital
    o Strong measures are in place to keep you safe in our hospitals.
    o Go to your appointments unless you are told otherwise by the service. See each DHB’s info below on their website.
     Hospital visitor policy
    o Alert Level 2 visitor rules will be in place. Check your local DHB’s website or Facebook page for information on their hospital visitor policy:
    Auckland DHB,
    Counties Manukau Health:
    Waitematā DHB:

3. Is it an Emergency?

  • Call 111, OR
  • Go to your nearest hospital Emergency Department (ED). ED is open.

Protect yourself and others

  • Stay home if you’re sick
  • Face coverings:
     You must wear a face covering on public transport if you are aged 12 and over
     You are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering when you leave the house,
  •  Physical distancing:
     2m in public e.g. shopping malls, parks
     1m in controlled environments where contact tracing and other public health
    measures are in place e.g cafes, gyms, faith-based settings
  •  Continue to wash your hands for 20 seconds, and sneeze and cough into your elbow
  •  Disinfect commonly used surfaces at home and at work
  •  COVID-19 ‘loves crowds’- Only 10 people max. for all social gatherings except for
    funerals and tangi
  •  Keep a recoord f your daily movements- this will help with contact tracing,
  • Be Kind

Need to talk?

  • Asian background? Asian Family Services free helpline for English, Mandarin, Cantonese,
    Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and Hindi languages, 0800 862 342, Monday to
    Friday, 9am to 8pm,
  •  Former refugee background living in the Auckland region? Free call RASNZ Support &
    Information Line, 0800 472 769, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm,
  •  1737 – Need an interpreter? Stay on the phone and listen to music, then tell the call
    worker your language, for example ‘Korean’,

For translated information, go to: