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Directory of COVID-19 Support Information and Resources (updated)

The directory is about collective information about the services & support provided in Auckland and Hamilton in relation to COVID-19 to help for those who need support or those organizations supporting their clients or make a referral.

It includes food bank/ accommodation/ financial support/ mental health & wellbeing including family violence/ suicide/ support for seniors, people with disabilities, childcare, women, men, young people, LGBTQI.


COVID-19 Update

  • Latest updates

  • Current Alert Level

  • What should do at each alert level?

  • The COVID-19 vaccine

  • Information about COVID-9

  • Contact tracing

  • Available support

  • Posters and resouces

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For translated resources and to subscribe to latest updates see Unite Against Covid website here

Ministry of Ethnic Communities have videos for Golden Rules for Alert Level 4 recorded by their team. All the videos are available in the playlist here. The videos are available in ArabicCantoneseMandarinPunjabiSpanishHindi and Tagalog.

 Information on Cases, Close and Casual contacts in 25+ languages is available on Auckland Regional Public Health (ARPHS) website here

The Ministry of Health is regularly updating the list of location of interest here. Any person who has visited a location of interest may have been exposed and must immediately isolate and arrange a test. To keep us all safe, it is important that everybody keeps an eye on locations of interest on the Ministry of Health website.


Where to get a COVID-19 Test

        For up-to-date information on where to get a test in Auckland, visit here


Message from Northern Region Health Coordination Centre (NRHCC):

·         We understand that people may be feeling anxious, but it’s important the right people get access to testing.

·         Please only get a test if you have been identified as a close contact, were at a location of interest at the time pinpointed on the Ministry of Health website or have symptoms.

·         The increased demand at our COVID-19 testing sites may mean delays. Our frontliners ask for your patience and empathy, please be kind.

Important note

·  There is a Section 70 notice in place that applies to any person who is a household contact of a person who has attended the locations of interest or who has been classified as a contact.

·  If a person has visited a location of interest, their household contacts will need to isolate at home until the person has received a negative day 5 test or until after an earlier negative test, if contact between the two people has ceased.

Financial support is available for individuals, family/whānau, foreign nationals, and businesses. Please see here.



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Last updated on 12 October 2021