New Zealand Health & Disability System


New Zealand Health System

Health and disability services in New Zealand are delivered by a complex network of organisations and people. Each has their role in working with others across the system to achieve better health for New Zealanders. 

This section is an overview of New Zealand’s health and disability system. It describes the main organisations and structures in the system, their roles, functions, and legislative responsibilities. 

  • “Eligibility for public health services
  • “Publicly funded health services
  • “Key organizations”
  • “My DHB (District Health Board)”
  • “DHB websites”
  • “NZ Health Strategy”
  • “Health tragets”

Link to "Using Healthcare Services in the Community" will inform you what is available and what you can expect when you use some community healthcare services. It covers various services including:

  • General practices
  • Pharmacies
  • Home and community supports

For information about the role of your GP/family doctor and benefits for enrolment to GP, please visit “Your Local Doctor”.