Regional Network Meeting November 2022 Overview

Regional Network meeting took place on the 23rd of November 2022 at Western Springs Garden Community Hall, Western Springs, Auckland. It was well received and attended by more than 80 participants.

Guest speakers from NZ Family Violence Clearinghouse, Allergy New Zealand, Kahui tu kaha and White Ribbon addressed the audience and provided useful information on Family Violence statistics, Allergies & how we can prevent them, social program on Wellbeing and Support and the White Ribbon Campaign 2022.

NZ Family Violence Clearinghouse shared the latest statistics on children affected by family violence and family violence within the Asian communities.

Allergy New Zealand’s presentation was timely coinciding with allergy season. We learnt about types of allergies and ways to help the allergy sufferers by being inclusive and respectful.

It was reassuring to know that we have a service like Awhi Ora who support people to get into appropriate housing and assist migrants to navigate New Zealand’s health System to provide all-round support.

The final topic of White Ribbon presented by Vishal Rishi Director of TANI and White Ribbon Ambassador was an eye opener. Majority of the attendees were not aware of the White Ribbon Campaign. The key highlight of this session was that more than 25 men took pledge to contribute towards eliminating violence against women. White ribbons were disseminated to these men and they were encouraged to become White Ribbon Ambassadors.