Regional Network Meeting Overview

Our network meeting took place on August 16th at Western Springs Garden Community Hall. We were pleased to welcome 80 people among whom were new faces as well as our long-time collaborators.

For our most recent hui we invited:

-Robyn Hoffman (Networking and Communications Coordinator) who spoke about the Little Libraries initiative founded by the workshop staff and people with disabilities at Real World Living.

-Matt MacLay (Acting Group Manager for Strategy, MOH) who gave a detailed presentation regarding the new strategy based on the Pae Ora Act for Healthy Futures; how it works, the change being made and how it works for us.

-Nandita Mathur (TANI) who shared with us the health priorities of ethnic communities identified during the community consultations organized by TANI.

After the presentations our attended had the chance to become familier with each orther's work whcih was great networking opportunity. 

Our meeting ended with some delicious Kai.