Chinese Eye Health Seminar December 2nd 2022

TANI's Chinese Eye Health Seminar took place on the 2nd of December at Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, Auckland.

The event was held both in person and online via zoom. 69 people attended in person and 59 joined online.

We began the event with some entertainment as an icebreaker. TANI staff member Ekta Kumar sang a well-known Chinese song Mo Li Hua (English version) Jasmine Flower song. After which the song was sung again in Chines by the event's attendees.

Our guest speaker Eye Specialist Dr Chi-Ying Chou was well received by the community. The feedback from the attendees was overwhelming positive. His presentation on prevention and management of common eye conditions was very enlightening and easy to understand. The attendees were also given a platform to ask Dr Chou questions. he was very accommodating in answering each and everyone's questions.