Vishal Rishi

Vishal Rishi migrated to New Zealand eighteen years ago from India and has been working in the public health sector from the past sixteen years in New Zealand. He has been an ongoing contributor to the health sector across various areas such as addressing determinants of health at varied levels This includes: transforming research into practice by contributing to the health research centres across NZ, leading national campaigns, initiating several community development projects, working along with the social sector and grassroots communities

Vishal represented New Zealand in the 3rd Commonwealth Emerging Pacific Leaders Dialogue in 2014. He was also selected to be part of a New Zealand delegation comprised of twelve members to the Young Core Leaders of Civil Society Development Program in 2012. The selection criteria for representation in both instances were based on his contributions to the NGO sector in New Zealand.

Vishal is currently a ‘White Ribbon’ Ambassador and the Director for The Asian Network Inc. (TANI), a pan-Asian community organisation whose aim is to ensure that people of Asian background enjoy optimal quality of life and wellbeing in New Zealand. TANI bridges the gap between health service providers and grassroots Asian communities. As part of his current role, he is actively involved in advocating for the advancement of Asian New Zealanders by having a representation at Boards & committees of various significant NGO’s, regionally and nationally.

Vishal mentions: “My commitment lies in and or the communities we serve, beyond the communities of place and geographic boundaries. Due to this passion, I have been associated with diverse grassroots communities for more than two decades. This helps to continue my learning from the community development, public health and social sectors.”