Sherry (Rui) Xue

Sherry arrived in New Zealand as an international student in 2016 from Beijing, China. After graduating with a Postgraduate degree in Business Administration from Massey University, she interned at Tennis Northern and volunteered at Hospice Shop on the North Shore for a year.

Sherry has always been very passionate about supporting and empowering migrant communities in Aotearoa.

In 2018, Sherry joined Sport Auckland and started her journey at the ActivAsian initiative in Central Auckland with a purpose to increase Asian participation and build capability. Over the six years she was with Sport Auckland, she supported Asian community groups, local clubs and sport organisations with capability building and community empowerment.  Enriched with knowledge and skills, they are confident and competent in taking the lead and delivering quality and safe experiences and opportunities that suit Asian new migrants’ needs through play, active recreation, and sport.

Over the years, Sherry heard stories about family violence in New Zealand and was empathetic about their experience. As an Asian female herself, she understands some cultural norms and beliefs prevent many Asian women to speak up. However, it is not okay for their families to be violent, and it is okay to ask for help. Concerned over the huge hidden problem in Asian communities, in 2024, Sherry joined TANI as a Family Harm Navigator where she wanted to continue to make a difference and offer support to Asian communities especially Asian females. She is enthusiastic about applying the community mobilisation approach and building capability to prevent family violence in their homes and building healthy relationships.

When Sherry is not at work, you will find her jogging or walking in the parks. She also loves reading books, listening to music, visiting galleries and museums, and cooking with friends.