Manjusha Mane

Manjusha Mane has a Master of Business Administration qualification from India and PGDip Counseling qualification from The University of Auckland. She has worked in human resources and marketing in New Zealand before starting her career in mental wellness as a Mindfulness educator with Tamaki Health.

Manjusha is passionate about supporting ethnic communities and promotes mental wellness as a Well-being Coach and as a Counsellor, a conjoint role, created by a collaboration between TANI and Sahaayta Counselling Services.

She facilitates culturally appropriate online and face-to-face wellness and meditation sessions that include the ‘Stay Well Stay Connected’ programme for TANI. She also supports individuals of all ages with general counselling and family harm interventions using person-centred, empathic counselling skills at Sahaayta.

Manjusha is culturally competent, respects her client’s cultural needs and boundaries while integrating mindfulness and holistic well-being strategies in her practice. Her linguistic skills include fluency in English, Hindi and Marathi and an understanding of the Gujarati language.

For mental wellness or counselling related enquiries she can be contacted at:
P: 09-815 2338
F: 09-815 2330