Lily Xu

Lily worked as an obstetrician & gynecologist (Deputy Chief Physician) in her hometown hospital for many years.
Since coming to New Zealand, she have gained the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science (PGDipHSc) from University of Auckland and the certificate of Achievement in Introducing Health Promotion at Manukau Institute of Technology, which gave her a deeper understanding of NZ health & disability system and services, and knowing more knowledge about youth health, women & sexual health, and therapeutic communication skills. Her working experiences include:

  • Women's Advocate at Asian Community Council(Shakti), supporting Asian women who have experienced Domestic Violence (DV) & Dealing with Chinese cases, e.g. assessment of case - planning and implementation and evaluation
  • Community Health worker at the University of Auckland (IMAC), supporting the team to reach the Asian families by the phone call, home visiting and search or enter the data through the Medtech32 for children's vaccination.
  • Authorised Interviewer at the University of Auckland (Growing up NZ) - Interview Chinese and Asian mothers and their children for Growing Up in NZ Study
  • Community Health Promoter/Women Wellbeing Coach at The Asian Network Inc (TANI) - working for the Health Literacy Program: promoting NZ health system & services, healthy lifestyle, women's health and prevention & management of health conditions involving translation, interpreting, presentation, administrative work, stakeholder management and liaison with guest speakers and so on.