Settlement Issues & Social Services

As the migrants or new settlers, the issue of how to settle well and access to the social service providers is significant. Failure of this process often causes us experienced unnecessary or avoidable emotional/mental health suffering. The service providers listed below would help you to get some practical support for  your settlement.

Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB) Language Link
Auckland Regional Migrant Services (ARMRS)
Language Line (Office of Ethnic Affairs, OEA)
English language partner NZ
Chinese New Settlers Services Trust
Migration Action Trust
Refugees as Survivors (RAS)
NZ Ethnic Social Service Trust
Raeburn House: North Shore community health network
Housing NZ
Inland Revenue Dept (IRD)
Work and Income NZ (WINZ)
Immigration of New Zealand
Lifeline New Zealand
Chinese Help Line
Tourist & visitor driving theory quiz(Chinese Ver.)游客驾驶理论测试

Contact Info
  • 101, Church Street,Onehunga (Entry from Waller Street) Auckland.
  • P.O.Box:27-550 Mt Roskill, Auckland-1041
  • 09 815 2338,09 815 2331
  • 021 274 7448
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