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Auckland Emergency Management Resources

A short video on Auckland Emergency Management in Chinese and English languages.

The purpose is to know who Auckland Emergency Managment is, understand what to do to prepare before the event of emergencies and know where to get credible information before, during and after events of emergencies.

  • To increase the awareness of the role and function of Auckland Emergency Managment.
  • To understand how to get individuals or families prepared for the event of emergency
  • to know where to seek information during the time of emergencies
  • to know where to sign up for warming information for the events of emergencies

who is this for

People who first language is Mandarin

From YouTube

Chinese Version

English Version

From QQ

English Version

Chinese Version

Contact Info
  • 101, Church Street,Onehunga (Entry from Waller Street) Auckland.
  • P.O.Box:27-550 Mt Roskill, Auckland-1041
  • 09 815 2338,09 815 2331
  • 021 274 7448
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