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TANI is primarily engaged in improving public health for Asian peoples and in networking with various government and non-governmental organisations.

Improving Public Health for Asian Peoples:
Since its formation, TANI has worked closely with the Ministry of Health and other health agencies in promoting the public health needs of Asian communities. This includes organising seminars, forums and workshops with these agencies and with the local Asian ethnicities. These projects ranges from raising mental health awareness, improving access to healthcare, preventing communicable disease (e.g. TB), and educating on public health law and legislations.

General Networks Meetings:
TANI organises general network meetings quarterly where Asian community leaders and
representatives from various service providers take part. These meetings feature presentations focusing on issues and services of interest to Asian communities in Auckland and beyond. TANI also issue a quarterly newsletter to its members.

TANI has taken a lead role in promoting and facilitating research to address gaps in knowledge about Asian communities in New Zealand, particularly in public health. In 2002, TANI played a key role in publishing the ‘Asian Public Health Project’ co-ordinated by the Ministry of Health. In 2005, TANI published the first systematic review of the health of Asian peoples in New Zealand, ‘Asian Health in Aotearoa: an Analysis of the 2002/03 New Zealand Health Survey’ and also contributed to the ‘Asian Health Chart Book 2006’ published by the Ministry of Health.

Other Activities:
-TANI co-hosted second and third International Asian Health Conferences in collaboration with Centre for Asian Health Research and Evaluation, University of Auckland in 2006 & 2008 respectively.
-TANI has been organizing Asian Forums annually. These forums provide a platform for the community, stakeholders and other service providers to identify and respond to the emerging Asian health needs.
-TANI also provide cultural advice to organizations to deliver culturally appropriate services to Asian community.

Contact Info
  • 101, Church Street,Onehunga (Entry from Waller Street) Auckland.
  • P.O.Box:27-550 Mt Roskill, Auckland-1041
  • 09 815 2338,09 815 2331
  • 021 274 7448
  • info@asiannetwork.org.nz
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